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Child Care Fees

Fees for child care contracted slots are set according to the Department of Early Education & Care sliding fee scale. The Child Care Circuit sets up voucher fees. Kid-Start will bill you according to the fee indicated on your voucher.
At the intake meeting, parents will be informed of their child care fee, if any. If the voucher indicates a fee, the parent shall pay to Kid-Start an initial fee for the total amount of one week’s service before your child’s first day in care.

Child Care Fees

All child care fees are to be paid directly to Kid-Start. Family Child Care Educators cannot accept any payments for parent fees if the child has a Voucher or Contract Slot. Payments may be paid in person, by phone, or online with a credit or debit card. You may also mail your payment to our Kid-Start office.
Payments must, at a minimum, be collected in weekly amounts. Parents may choose to pay more than one weeks’ fee at a time, but must pay in multiples of full weekly amounts.

Kid-Start may also use timely reminders of payments (formal bills, less formal statements, phone calls) to help parents adhere to their payment schedules. Once the payment is received, the parent will be given a receipt. It is important to save all your receipts as the cost of child care can be used for a tax deduction, and in case of payment disputes.
Payments for services are due the week before the service is performed. Parents who fail to pay their child care fee in full will receive two advance notices of termination. Upon the third week that the debt is unpaid, the parent will receive a formal two weeks notice of termination. At the end of the two weeks the child’s care will be terminated. Parents who fail to pay off bad debt will be reported to a collection agency.
Kid-Start will collect a $15.00 fee for all returned checks.
Weekly fee’s are to be paid regardless of any of your child’s absences due to illness, vacation, or holiday.